Sonologues 2017 – November 2017

Redshift Music presented a series of audio installations and live concerts with the Redshift Array, a 16-speaker system designed and created by Redshift with the assistance of Brian Topp, Bob Pritchard, Will Howie, and Andrew Czink.

Works presented with the Redshift Array in 2017
Annette Brosinfantasiae
Performer: Mark McGregor – alto flute
Scott WilsonKelp Road
Lisa Cay MillerHekkaideca-myth
Performers: Rachel Kiyo-Iwaasa, Dana Reason, and Lisa Cay Miller – pianos; recorded by Sheldon Zaharko
Jordan NoblesMöbius
Performers: Albertina Chan – harps; Adrian Verdejo – acoustic and electric guitars guitars; Jordan Nobles – pianos; Martin Fisk – vibraphones; Daniel Tones – song bells; and Katie Rife – glockenspiels
Chris Blaber
Different Currents
Performers: Andrew Chavez-Kline – clarinet; Mike WT Allen – bass sax, bari sax, bass clarinet; Nathan Marsh – guitar; Alexei Paish – percussion; Chris Blaber – percussion; Gael Chabot-Leclerc – percussion
Mike WT AllenTesphne
Performers: Mike WT Allen- synths, piano, audio manipulation/processing/editing; Bradan DeCicco- guitar
Christopher ReicheFrequency Sweep
Benton Roark – After the Rain
Performers: Benton Roark – guitar, piano, Hammond organ and Fender Rhodes; Adam Tryczynski – cello and electric guitar; Jen Lewin – Hammond organ; Martin Reisle – pedal steel guitar; John Kastelic – viola; and Llowyn Ball – violin
Colin MacDonald The Sky is a Clock
Performers: Colin MacDonald – saxophones
Jordan Nobles – Air
Performer: Mark McGregor – bass flute
Benton RoarkThe Wilderness from “The Handless Maiden”
Performers: Mark McGregor – flute; Melanie Taylor, soprano
Brian ToppTundra

Complete Programme of our November activities at the Roundhouse

For more information about the Redshift Array, click here.

We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the SOCAN Foundation, the BC Arts Council, the City of Vancouver, the British Columbia Gaming Commission and Paradigm Electronics Inc.