Hover Workshop #2 – June 18, 2013

A workshop made possible by Mitacs Accelerate, Tapestry Opera, and Redshift Music @ Tapestry Opera Studios in Toronto’s historica Distillery District

2nd of two workshops on Hover, by Lindsay Cuff and Benton Roark. Hover is a full-length music theatre work that takes a humanist angle in recontextualizing the physical travails of historical figures in a dream-scape of synchronized swimming, physical theatre, operatic singing, and site- specific acoustic phenomena.

Composer: Benton Roark
Librettist: Lindsay Cuff
Music Director: Kathleen Allan
Stage Director: Michael Mori
Videography: Yana Kehrlein and Janice Joo

The Dreamer: Andrea Ludwig
The Traveler: Alex Dobson
The Diver: Keith Klassen
Nurse/Inquisitor 1: Carla Huhtanen
Nurse/Inquisitor 2: Stephanie Tritchew
Doctor/Inquisitor: Christopher Mayell
Anesthesiologist/Head Inquisitor: Peter McGillivray
Pianist: Gregory Oh
Percussion: David Schotzko
Design: Yulia Shtern