Call for Scores

Redshift Array 2019 Call for Works

Redshift Music is pleased to announce an open call for multi-channel fixed media works for Sonologues 2019 which will take place at Vancouver Public Library Square on July 8-12, 2019. This event will feature a sixteen speaker setup we call “The Redshift Array” (see our Redshift Sonologues 2018 page for photos and the program from last year’s Sonologues event at the VPL:

– This call is open to Canadian Composers
– Submitted works can be any length
– May be new or previously existing works

– Wav or aiff files preferred
– Composers may submit one work each
– There is no submission fee
– The composer’s presence at the presentation is not required
– Works can be from 1 to 16 channels
– Speakers will be arranged in two rows:
Upper level:    1      2      3      4      5      6
Lower Level: 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

– Submissions must be received by June 20, 2019, 11:59pm PST.
– The jury will announce the selected works in late June.

To submit your work please use our google form!

Any questions? Email:


Mark Takeshi McGregor, solo flute


The selected composers/works are as follows, listed in alphabetical order:

Pedro Alvarez (Chile/Australia) – De Mares Imaginados
Phil Brownlee (New Zealand) – Harakeke
Eunho Chang (South Korea/Poland) – Sanjo III
Nirmali Fenn (Sri Lanka/Australia/Singapore) – Scratches of the Wind
Graham Flett (Canada) – Stratus and Shale
Robert Hansler (USA) – Broken Branch
Gleb Kanasevich (USA) – DUDK*=*FLÖT
Kaiyi Kao (Taiwan) – Jingzhe
Hope Lee (Canada) – forever after
Ellen Lindquist (USA) – Nakoda for solo alto flute
Mario Mora (Chile) – DOO
Rosalind Page (Australia) – courbe dominante
Maggi Payne (USA) – Reflections
Nova Pon (Canada) – Wrenegade
Thierry Tidrow (Canada) – Né à L’envers
Chun-Ju Yen (Taiwan) – Invisible Wings
Stephen Yip (Hong Kong/USA) – A Spring Morning

A jury of performers from the Negative Zed ensemble has recently met and listened to the 100+ submissions of ringtones composed for mixed chamber ensemble. Out of the very impressive selection of works from all over the World the jury has selected the following 15 for performance.

Free Ringtone CD by Negative Zed

Kiwi Rings – Anne Guzzo – Wyoming, USA
Subway Hijacking – Árpád Solti – Budapest, Hungary
Ringtone Score – Chantal Janvier – Leeds, UK
Fate Knocks – Daniel Larraín – Montréal, Canada
Doppler Effect – David Drexler – Fresno, USA
Pronto – Éric Champagne – Montréal, Canada
Digits Excerpt  Gene Pritsker – New York, USA
All the Triads – Giovanni Albini – Modena, Italy
fragment 9-3 – Heber Schünemann – Québec City, Canada
Gubben Jesper Nielsen – Huddinge, Sweden
if you don’t pick up the phone… – Joaquín Mendoza Sebastián – Caracas, Venezuela
Being/Non-Being – John Baker – Vancouver, Canada
Ringtone Miniature for Octet – Lucas Oickle – Vancouver, Canada
Ringtone Shift – Saúl Chapela – Munich, Germany
Nokia Fughetta – Vincent Lo – Burnaby, Canada

The Ringtones will be performed (along with the Postcard pieces below) by the Negative Zed Ensemble in Vancouver, Canada in early 2014. Congratulations to the winners and a big hearty thank you to all who submitted!


It has been a long time coming but our esteemed International Jury has now chosen the works from our Redshift Music ‘Call for Postal Pieces’.

The Postcard Pieces that will be performed by the Negative Zed Ensemble in Vancouver, Canada in early 2014 are…

Inner VoicesMarc Jensen – Norman, OK, USA
unison to not unisonChristopher Reiche – Victoria, Canada
A miniature in a postcard Jones Margarucci – Roma, Italy
Post-modalJoan Cot Ros – Barcelona, Spain
Quatour à chandellesAndré Cormier – Moncton, NB, Canada
Quidnet Morning LoopCarson Cooman – Cambridge, MA, USA
Noh1Randy Raine-Reusch – Vancouver, BC, Canada
Fused Bob Dickinson – Lincoln, United Kingdom
The Dublin Miniatures (selection) – Peter Moran – Dublin, Ireland
mannersKevin Zhang – San Diego, CA, USA
Box FactoryAlvaro Rojas – Vancouver, BC, Canada
Motet Christopher Bailey – Boston, MA, USA
The BedroomLuis Henrique Yudo – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Non-FictionNicolas Jacquot – Paris, France
Wish you were herePaul Ayres – Windsor, United Kingdom
Dans le chant de ma colère il y a un oeufPaul Steenhuisen – Edmonton, AB, Canada


Thank you very much for those of you who put your time and art into creating a musical postcard for us. We were overwhelmed by the response. There was a great deal of invention and talent evident in the 180 musical postcards that were sent to us and we are grateful for each one but of course we can’t play them all even though we wish we could.

Our International Postcard Jury was comprised of…
Amy Beal (musicologist, Santa Cruz, California)
Larry Polansky (composer, Frog Peak Music, New York)
William Lane (artistic director, Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, China)
Mark McGregor (flutist, member of Negative Zed, Vancouver)
Benton Roark (composer, Redshift Music, New Haven, Connecticut)
Eric KM Clark (composer, co-founder of The Wulf, California)


Three miniatures – Stefan Hintersteininger
Jocelyn Morlock
Air – Andrew Gustar
Bemitzraim #6 – Dániel Péter Biró
Cadence 99 –
Arthur Jarvinen
In a Wide Wasteland – Nolan Ryan Stolz
my dog had been dead over ten years – Bob Dickinson
Meditation – Garrett Byrnes
Einstein’s Dreams #1 – Giovanni Albini
Eleven chords for Howard – Bob Dickinson
Anagrams for November – Elizabeth Knudson
IOTA – Harry Whalley
Lullaby for Birds – Kathryn Cernauskas
Invention No. 4 (Cm7xK) – John Baker
Haiku (#1 & #4) – Leila Lustig
Mirage – Chris Kovarik
Ritual – Ryan Purchase
A Short Opera about Life, Death and Religion – Christopher Reiche
Under the Apple Tree: HUVITUS – Tomi Räisänen
Weissherbst – Rodney Sharman
First Lines #2, #5, #6 & #9 – Amy Williams
Infections (#2: Leptospirosis) – André Cormier
Trio – Marci Rabe
Prelude to Equilibrium – Tonia Ko
Quiver – Emily Hall
Reflections I (Silver) – Nurit Jugend
Miniature I – Nicholas Fairbank
Tutto il mondo – Nicola Campogrande
Snail Crossing – Marc Baril
A Daydream of Robert Dziekanski – John Oliver