Lagrange Point 4 column

These videos are to be played simultaneously, in any order, in any number. They sound together to create an ensemble piece.
– Start or stop them as you wish. 
– Try 2, 3 or more at once. How dense the music sounds is up to you.
– The videos loop at different intervals so they never line up again the same way.

NOTE: multiple videos playing at the same time only seems to work on desktop or laptop computers running the Chrome Browser.

Composer: Jordan Nobles

Videos recorded in isolation during the COVID Lockdown 2020

Negative Zed Ensemble
Mark Takeshi McGregor – flute, alto flute
Geronimo Mendoza – oboe, english horn
Liam Hockley – clarinet, bass clarinet
Katelin Coleman – bassoon
Colin MacDonald – alto saxophone
Dorothea Hayley – soprano
Martin Fisk – vibraphone
Julia Chien – glockenspiel
Katie Rife – marimba
Janelle Nadeau – harp
Danielle Marcinek – piano
Adrian Verdejo – classical and acoustic guitars
Saina Khaledi – santour
Dailin Hsieh – zheng
Nicole Ge Li – erhu
Parmela Attariwala – violin
Sarah Kwok – viola
Alasdair Money – cello
Mark Haney – doublebass